Post-Arrival Workshop


A complete guide to a trouble-free settlement in Canada.





Complete guidance in finding accommodation (Temporary Hostels and long term rental options), tiffin service, transit options, how to attend college orientation, in and out of class social culture and norms e.g., how to address your professor, save on text books, accommodation, post landing measures, how to make your Canadian style format resume, job search, preparation for job interview, University/College life and ways, money saving techniques and tricks, ways of life, cheap second hand car buying options and refueling procedure, food and other essential apps, public transportation (passes), travel and order food in apps, Canadian and Indian grocery shopping options, IPTV, phone and SIM connections, shopping malls, places and restaurants must visit, clubs, recreational activities, bank account activation, second hand and new cheap furniture and other Indian products and services in Surrey, Brampton and East Calgary, laptops printers and electronic buying options, select quick fix medicines available like Tynol over the counter along with procedure and tips on how to get your driving license. Ways of life and other essential services counsel in intricate detail.