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  • “Best course! Gave me more than enough information about where and how to apply.”

    Ankrish Khanna

    University of Toronto, Ontario
  • “I was one of the students who took the online hybrid course which educated me on all the measures I needed to take to get settled in Canada.”

    Rabia Chawla

    University of Waterloo, Ontario
  • “The workshop was super-beneficial as it helped me choose the right courses and their respective professors which other agents do not educate you about. The advice on when and where to buy textbooks saved me lots of money. Thanks!”

    Nishchae Anand

    York University, Ontario
  • “The post-arrival course helped me save thousands of dollars and stress. Really made me confident about my accommodation, social greeting etiquettes, university life and other essentials.”

    Aasees Mann

    University of British Columbia, British Columbia
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