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  • Jagjit Sidhoo

    June 9, 2021 at 6:34 PM

    Hello Gaurav! Collect crucial documents before leaving for Canada:

    1. Passport

    2. Flight Ticket

    3. Passport-Size & Embassy-Size Photographs

    4. Birth Certificate

    5. Letter of Authorization (Signed by Both Parents)

    6. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

    7. Original Academic Transcripts/Documents (Importantly Grade 10th & 12th)

    8. Athletics/Sports Certificates

    9. Social/Voluntary Work Proofs

    10. Port of Entry Letter (POE)/Letter of Introduction (LOI)

    11. Passport Request (PPR)

    12. Biometrics Validity Letter (BVL)

    13. E-Medical Receipt

    14. Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)

    15. IELTS Result TRF

    16. Offer of Admission/Admission Offer

    17. Weekly Class Schedule Printout

    18. University/College Tuition Fee Receipt

    19. Letter of Enrollment (LOE)/Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

    20. Travel Support Letter (TSL)

    21. Approval-In-Principle (AIP)

    22. Other Visa-Related Documents

    23. Foreign Exchange Receipt

    24. Quarantine Plan (Covid-19 Times)

    25. Quarantine Letter (Covid-19 Times)

    26. ArriveCAN App (Covid-19 Times)

    27. Air BNB Acknowledgement/Hotel Booking (Covid-19 Times)

    28. Covid-19 Test Report (Covid-19 Times)

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