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  • Jagjit Sidhoo

    June 9, 2021 at 6:22 PM

    Hi Kulwant, you must see a doctor on the list of panel physicians. Your own doctor cannot do the medical exam. The panel physician does not make the final decision about your medical exam. They make that decision. If there is a problem with your medical exam, they will contact you in writing. Find a panel physician to perform your exam. You can either get your medical exam before or after you apply.

    • You have the option of getting an exam before you apply. This is called an upfront medical exam. To get one, contact a panel physician directly. You can get one if you apply to:

    o visit (including parent and grandparent super visa)

    o work

    o study

    • You also have the option of getting an exam after you submit your application, in which they will send you instructions on how to get your medical exam done. You must go for your medical exam within 30 days of receiving these instructions. If you do not follow these instructions, they may refuse your application.

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