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For Airbnb Users

1) Check location proximity depending on your needs.

2) Determine walk and transit scores, calculate commute times to your college/university.

3) Research other similar accommodation rates in the neighborhood.

3 )Check ratings and reviews posted by guests who have stayed in the property.

5) Determine if the host is a is a super host and is verified by Airbnb.

6) Scrutinize amenities provided by the host and take screen shots of them for future reference.

7) Check if house rules posted by host suit you.


For Leasing Long-Term Accommodation

Identify the Neighborhood

1) Average cost of rentals in a specific neighborhood.

2) Commute time to your college/university, core downtown/city center or major business hubs.

3) Monthly travel costs.

4) Walk and transit scores.

5) Proximity to your workplace, grocery stores, transportation, shopping malls, places of worship, etc.

6) Parking if required.

7) Crime rates.

8) Noise levels.


1) Depending on your province, you may be expected to put down your first month’s rent, last month’s rent, or a security deposit (half a month’s rent which you will receive back at the end of your lease if the property hasn’t been damaged) at the time of signing your lease.

Rent Breakdown

1) Inquire about rent inclusions and exclusions. Utilities such as water, hydro (electricity), heating, air conditioning (AC), internet, and cable may or may not be included. Parking space may cost you extra, too. Most units in Canada have a furnished kitchen with all main appliances included. But it’s a good idea to check if that isn’t the case.

2) Make it a point to check if in-house laundry facility is included or excluded.

Guest Policy

1) Depending on the type of accommodation, there may be rules and limitations to having guests over and abiding with “quiet hours”.

Lease Duration

1) Not every rental unit will have a year-long lease; some landlords may want you to commit to a shorter or longer lease. It is important to check if your lease includes or excludes an automatic renewal clause and the terms of notice to vacate.

Maintenance and Repairs

1) Take pictures or videos of the condition of the property before moving-in order determine any damages and avoid being responsible for them.

2) Landlords are responsible for maintaining and repairing.

3) Appliances (fridge, stove, dishwasher, laundry — if they are included in rent).

4) Common areas (halls, lobbies, stairwells).

5) Elevators.

6) Security systems.

7) Swimming pools.

8) Gym facilities.

9) Laundry facilities.

10) Garbage rooms.