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College/University identification and application process along with Student Visa application guidance in great detail. Most agents you go to in India have never come to Canada forget attending a program of study. They suggest Colleges/Universities that pay them the maximum not what suits your needs. Therefore, I wanted to assist students in identifying institutions best suited for them and how to successfully apply and get admission. For this, I prepared an Application workshop that will guide students step by step through this process and further also fully assist in applying for a student visa.

About the Instructors

I am Karan Singh who left India to come to Canada to pursue BBA after I got admission into the Rotman Business School, University of Toronto and many other prestigious Universities. The entire application and video Interview procedure was a learning curve and I mastered the art of it, bagging an offer letter from University of Toronto. I faced many difficulties during my application and post arrival in Canada. Based on my experiences I have prepared workshops that will guide you step by step in identifying the correct College/University for you, application procedure and post arrival settlement.