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Who We Are

I am Karan Singh who left India to come to Canada to pursue BBA, after I got admission into the Rotman Business School, University of Toronto and many other prestigious Universities. The entire application and video Interview procedure was a learning curve and I mastered the art of it, bagging an offer letter from University of Toronto (attached below).

From this I realized that it is a process and one must know how to go about it to get admitted into a reputed college or university. Most agents you go to in India have never come to Canada, forget attending a program of study. They suggest colleges/universities that they can financially benefit from the maximum not what suits your needs. Therefore, I wanted to assist students in identifying institutions best suited for them and how to successfully apply and get admission into them. For this, I prepared an application workshop that will guide students seamlessly through this process along with complete guidance in the student visa application procedure.

Upon arrival in Canada, I realized that the culture and system are completely different. I have gone through tons of experiences which have made me able to spot numerous differences in the general functioning of institutions, people and organizations. Sure enough, you will have to face the same issues and you are likely to commit all sorts of blunders. I faced many difficulties during my application and post arrival. From my own experiences, I wanted to help you come to Canada and settle down in the smoothest way possible. For this, I have prepared a post arrival workshop in order to ensure you go through a successful transition.

My workshops will prepare you for the following-college/university identification and application, visa application, post arrival and counsel you through the complete settlement process that is transit, residence, university/college life, social greeting etiquette’s,where to buy used books, food services, utensils and grocery, tele-communication plan and purchasing used automobiles if required along with a description of the procedure and tips on how to get your driving license.

Furthermore, I will also assist you in preparing your resume and guide you as to where to apply for jobs/work and how to successfully tackle the interview process. The combo workshop offered is a complete package, right from the start to make you comfortable and guide you through each step of the settlement process.

The intellectual property rights of these workshops solely belong to me and I have entered into an agreement with M/s Lexus Business Combines (P) Ltd to market and deliver these workshops on their website which is labelled as www.canada4study.com.